I feel strongly that the community is in a very bad place morally. All the talk of anti-Semitism is concealing the fact that the community itself is deeply infected by anti Palestinian racism. After Operation Cast Lead in 2009 the BBC declined to publicise DEC operations in Gaza for fear of offending the Jewish community. Why should we be offended at humanitarian aid being given to victims of the country with which we are so closely associated? This seemed to us at the time to be over cautious but when after Operation Protective Edge in 2014 the JC publicised DEC there was an outcry led by Rabbis –so called men of God. Not I gather because of the presence of Islamic relief among the beneficiaries but simply because the relief was helping Palestinians who as we all know are like the Nazis. The worst aspect of this, is the indifference to Palestinian life, and the worst example of that was the invasion of Lebanon in 1982. This, as you know, was launched ostensibly in response to sporadic attacks across the border, in which a handful of Israelis were killed. It was transformed into a regime change project by Sharon and Eitan. Eventually 635 Israeli soldiers were killed. The resulting furore destroyed Begin who died a broken man suffering repeated attacks of depression in his last years. But how many Arabs were killed? Who knows? Who cares? Conservative estimates put the number at twenty thousand -more than the population of a small town, like Kidderminster, all to satisfy the ambitions of Sharon and Eitan-but as I say, who cares? After Protective Edge, as a Director of the conference of Jewish Material Claims against Germany, possibly the largest Jewish charity in the world, I got an email from our Chairman lamenting the loss of life that summer. He was referring to sixty seven Israeli dead. I wrote to him saying that there were also more than two thousand Palestinians killed. He said he did not want to be controversial. But why should that be controversial? He was not claiming that the Palestinians were not dead. Perhaps he thought they all deserved to die. I have just found out that there were ten thousand Palestinians wounded in the Operation including more than three thousand children. About a thousand of these will be maimed for life. But as I asked before who cares? I write this as someone who comes from the heart of the Zionist movement. I have lived in Israel, most of my family do. I have a property there, speak Hebrew and gave my children Israeli names. I am not an anti-Semite nor a timid self-hating Jew as Stephen Pollard would have it. I just don’t think the community is paying nearly enough attention to the consequences of Israel’s actions.

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